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Rosy Aronson, Ph.D., has been committed to grounding, freeing and connecting people through the creative process since 1987. Today, along with raising her beloved daughter, Rosy works as a writer, artist and spiritual counselor, supporting creative souls in a variety of ways.

Serendipity’s story came to her in an unusually lucid dream in 1992. You could say she’s been researching and writing the story ever since, traveling right alongside this courageous family of seals -- yearning, growing, getting lost and finding treasures together.

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“May your encounter with Serendipity connect you to the magical force in your own life, the one that comes when you least expect it and works behind the scenes -- coaxing, clicking and sparking countless discoveries and transformations into being.

May you also come to trust and express your unique and lovable self in a way that brings you just to the right place, at just the right time!”