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Spring 2010
For Nature and Animal Lovers

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For Immediate Release
Rosy Aronson

A Tale of Serendipity
Part One: The Adventure Begins!

A Tale of Serendipity Book CoverA Tale of Serendipity is a must for children ages 8 to 12. In this captivating work of fiction, author Rosy Aronson transports readers to a magical place. The tale is an adventure story about a close-knit family of seals that is torn apart by the arrival of a devastating storm and a ship of vicious seal-hunters. While the narrative ostensibly focuses on the fate of five seal pup brothers who have been tragically separated from their beloved and very pregnant mother, this is in fact a story that speaks to the hopes, fears and challenges that all children and adults face in life. And it does so in a way that elicits curiosity and wonder.

For nature and animal lovers, A Tale of Serendipity provides an opportunity to expose children to the importance of human and animal rights, and the interconnection of all living beings. The values explored in this tale include respect, empathy, compassion, dignity, integrity, honesty and collaboration. By engaging with the characters and their story, young readers will find alternative ways to look at human and animal relationships, diversity awareness, conflict resolution and world/ocean stewardship. Indeed, it is the author's hope that children will come to celebrate their uniqueness and discover that "true planetary empowerment involves power with others as opposed to power over others."

Rosy AronsonRosy Aronson is a Berkeley-based writer, artist and spiritual counselor. She is the writer and illustrator of A Tale of Serendipity, which is her first work of children's literature, and if her dreams are realized, it will be the first of several in a multi-volume series.

A Tale of Serendipity is available for free as a downloadable ebook, an unfolding podcast, as well as for sale in hardcopy. For more information, please call 510-703-1373 or visit her website at

A Tale of Serendipity: The Adventure Begins!

Written and Illustrated by Rosy Aronson

353 pages, softcover

Date of Publication: Spring 2010

ISBN: 978-0-557-12641-5

Price: $ 20

Free e-book and unfolding audio podcast available